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Green Dog Films works closely with producers, writers and the directors at all stages of development including casting, financing, pre and post production, to craft the best vision of their film for a worldwide audience.


The world independent film industry and the US in particular are experiencing massive changes as many foreign companies are going from being basic service providers to actual investors and US independent cinema. While more US states are offering film incentives and there are still challenges for US filmmakers to meet foreign requirements for financing, there is an ever-expanding network of private foreign investors, funds, broadcasters and government entities actively participating in US independent films, making the opportunities for US filmmakers to work with talented foreign filmmakers greater than ever before that


There are likewise more opportunities than ever for foreign producers, directors and talents to work with emerging as well as veteran US producers and directors on challenging material, in English and their native languages, with financing secured through non-traditional International structures.


Well there is a heavy focus on Spain, Mexico, Latin America and the US Latino Market, the company is actively producing and seeking co-production between many non-latino countries as well.

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