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Director:  Michael S. Ojeda      

Released:  VMI & Vertical (2019)

Screenwriter:  Michael S. Ojeda

Genre:  Thriller


A Russian woman moves to America with her daughter to marry a reclusive billionaire. When they arrive, he turns out to be a psychopath who sends their lives spiraling into a living hell.

The Russian Bride.png

One of my favorite independent films from

the past few years is Michael S. Ojeda‘s 

Crow-esque Avenged, which featured stunning camerawork, cinematography, and excellent choreography. Ojeda’s next is The Russian Bride. The film is described as a mix between 

The Shining and Misery stars Corbin Bernsen (“Psycho”, The Dentist), Oksana Orlan,

and Kristina Pimenova.

Bloody Disgusting   


"The Russian Bride delivers a twisted cross-cultural thrill ride that is sure to keep audiences glued to their screens. We can’t wait for them

to experience the film this spring.

--VMI Films            


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